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I have had the idea of writing a blog since a long time, but because of many other tasks in my life I have kept postponing it. Thank you to my boyfriend to encourage me to actually start it now! Happy new year!

Welcome to our blog of responsible fashion, art and craft and basically anything what comes along with this topic. As the designer of Manuela Collage Art I am happy to share my thought about the world what I represent.

Being thankful and kind

First of all I must say how thankful I am for the life I have got, I have got the job what I love to do and also what I am good at. Secondly I get to travel a lot, most of my travels related to my profession, but I also travel a lot for my family. We have got quite an international family, what I am very happy about, travelling became very big part of our every day life. But as travelling always keeps my open wild open, specially related to art and fashion.

Stay tuned and more stories are coming about #sustainability #art #craft #design #fashion and #homedecor!

Have a lovely day and be kind!



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