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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

New post about Melissa Kitty Jarram.

Every day is art, for some... For me it is! I am truly surrounded by art, in my thoughts, and at my studio. Therefore I have decided to open a new chapter, each Monday I will introduce an inspiring artist, artwork, or a group of artists who I find very inspiring, fresh, and new.

Lost in visual avalanche

I am constantly finding each day something very exciting and interesting on social media, like everyone, I guess. Quite often I take screenshots to my phone just to remember of color or shape, an illustration, a building, etc... And many many more I try to store in my head, but of course, many get lost in the avalanche of visuals on social media. This blog helps me to conserve some of my favs and I hope you will find it inspiring as well.

The fresh find - Melissa Kitty Jarram

The very first and fresh find of mine is an amazing young woman, Melissa Kitty Jarram from South East London. She studied illustration and animation at Kingston University but never felt like an illustrator and after her studies, she fell in love again with painting. For now, Melissa is working across digital and traditional mediums as well as the world of film.

Ancient wisdom

Based on an article at Coeval Magazine Melissa reveals why is she motivated so much by mythology:

“It’s useful in determining what is nature or nurture, and the more you learn about mythology and religion, the more you see similarities in them all.”

Questioning it all, is there od in our culture? "What are our myths? Who do we worship?"

I think these are very important questions! I do think so too our hopes and determinations are somehow linked mostly to our economic well-being. We do not have to be afraid of illnesses or natural disasters in the same way as in the ancient ages. Yet, I think this will roll our humanity to a dead end. We do need to care about our nature and we have to have some spiritual beliefs!

"Despite a growing population and access to social media, we are becoming more and more divided, segregated, and alienated."

She has been making animations as well there is a feature-length film called Tyger Tyger. I just find so many similarities with her if I think of my studies and interest in creation.

Bethany Williams - Charity, Art and Fashion

I have to confess my choice of Melissa was mainly because she also collaborates with fashion brands (Nike, Adidas, etc...) and my new find is Bethany Williams London. The brand is mainly a community of innovative design solutions and sustainability. create a profit, which will be given to connected charities, continuing the cycle of exchange. I find their collections extremely fresh and artistic with a touch of charity is just perfect!

They do #charity for women's shelters, #recycle old blankets to coats, help find solutions to the hidden hunger in the UK, specifically working alongside the Vauxhall Food Bank and Tesco. This brand is very remarkable!

At the Hollywood reporter's cover, Benedict Cumberbatch is wearing one of the Bethany Williams shirt, #printdesign by Melissa Kitty Jarram.

Patchwork knitted vest

From the last year's autumn collection of Bethany Williams worked with new social manufacturing partner @manusarefashion and in collaboration with @mendingforgood. Patchwork Knitted Vest is made by selecting and re-using waste samples swatches from @sesia_manifatture_1963, which are then crocheted together using bio wool.

Chaos Corset

The Chaos Corset is the latest piece from Bethany Williams, pieced together using upcycled canvas bell tents, digitally printed wool, and collection offcuts in collaboration with the incredible @rosieevansonline, who utilizes plastic waste from Cardiff fruit market to create the corset’s boning. Finished with hand-embroidered details, the corset features artworks from our collaborator @melissakittyj.

Please check out more of their amazing projects as one of the leading philosophy for me as a brand owner and designer.

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