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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

New post about Chidy Wayne.

Every day is art, for some... For me it is! I am truly surrounded by art, in my thoughts, and in my studio. Therefore I have decided to open a new chapter, each Monday I will introduce an inspiring artist, artwork, or a group of artists who I find very inspiring, fresh, and new.

Enjoyable and inspirable

Actually, I started to enjoy very much searching for inspiring artists and designers more and more. Probably it is because I can relate my personality and life routes much to them, therefore I feel less weird with my own. Everyone has a journey to find themselves as an artist or a designer, and the path to it is never easy.

From economy to art - Chidy Wayne

There is a very good podcast on Spotify I use to listen to, it is called Creative Voyage. Even the title of the podcast is great! I love the genuine questions from the host Mario Depicolzuane, he has the same questions for each artist and designer, questions like "What are your work routines?" or "What would you advice to yourself 10 years ago?"

Chidy Wayne is a Spanish Guinean multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. He started with economics studies, but he knew he would never work in this field. But he loved drawing and fashion. To me, it is fascinating when someone makes such a big turn, because I have done 11 years of art education, so my path was determined at a very early age.

Questioning yourself

Chidy likes to question himself a lot, these questions are nothing new. Yes, I guess that's why I can relate to many #artists so much, but we all have different answers to ourselves.

I want people to make the journey with me when they see my art. I think, if I’m only speaking about my own experiences, my own character, yeah, they’re going to see a portrait of me in a certain moment.

Seeking to create work that is aesthetic and conceptual, the superfluous is put aside so as to enter more deeply into the drawing, creating a minimalist and gestural work of art. He wants to go deeper and not limit his existence.

If I have two months to make a work, probably, I’m going to make it two days before the deadline. That’s how I work. It’s not because during those months, I haven’t think about that particular commission. I have that commission in mind. Yes, I draw with my mind. I draw with my mind.

He also reveals that he likes to work alone, his workflow is given by his studio. Yes, I do think the space where you work is very important, it's your own personal "corner" where you can hide and let your deep thoughts to grow.

The trend becomes not trendy anymore

Chidy also works as an illustrator, he has worked for The New York Times, Kinfolk and Nike as well. To stay true you have to know yourself but to know yourself takes time and investigate yourself. He keeps the time to respect himself, which is more important than following trends. Once you start following the trend then that becomes not trendy anymore.

But because it is difficult to get away from our devices, see other things, and those things are trying to keep away from the focus, it is going to be difficult to stay true to ourselves. He thinks and believes that probably a technical pandemic could keep us away from technical devices.

II kept evolving and not doing the same again and again. I would say, that’s against being creative, do the same thing again and again.

My opinion on Chady's work

I really like his big paintings of some simple details, like the fist or a woman's back. He brings these details in a nice aesthetic way to the canvas, also using his own expressions as they would be the illustrations of his own thoughts. I also like to get lost in small details!

His commercial #illustrations are rather traditional, yet perfectly painted pieces. I do admire his simple and #traditional way, not wanting to be harsh or explosive.

More about Chidy Wayne visit his website:

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