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New post about Nadine Goepfert.

Every day is art, for some... For me it is! I am truly surrounded by art, in my thoughts, and in my studio. Therefore I have decided to open a new chapter, each Monday I will introduce an inspiring artist, artwork, or a group of artists who I find very inspiring, fresh, and new.

Everyday use of textiles

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have been listening to a great podcast about art and design from artists and designers to help creative professionals to level up. The podcast is called Creative Voyage, hosted by Mario Depicolzuane.

Nadine Geopfert is a multidisciplinary designer offering #creative direction, design, and consultancy on textiles and materials for the #interior, product, #art, and #fashion. She investigates contemporary culture to create intelligent concepts and material innovations for clients from various fields.

She has been working with Adidas, Clark, Common-Interest, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Fasson Freddy Fuss, Faye Toogood, Lucia Glass, LuckyMe, Lunice, Marsano Berlin, and many more.

I'm really convinced that it is really important also to work with your hand to get ideas. Yeah, in German we have this word “begreifen”, which means, like “greifen” means to touch something, or to grab something. Begreifen actually means that you understand something, so it's actually the same word.

Many fields to manage

What I really like about her working method of Nadine and it was very helpful for me is how she divides/combines her commission jobs with her personal projects with the way of listening to her intuitions. I can so much relate to this because some collaboration jobs can inspire me to my own brand as well. With this intuitive workflow, she does not have a daily work routine, there can be even a month break between works. I do the same as well!

Being a designer

It is not easy to be a designer, as Nadine describes there are lots of designers out there, it is also good because you can collaborate with them, but then again how do you make a difference from others?

"What is it that we actually need? What does the society need? From time to time we should ask ourselves, 'why is my work relevant?', 'who needs it?', 'what is it good for?'"

She referred to a quote from László Moholy-Nagy who said that projects and works of designers, should not be seen in isolation, but rather in the relationship with the need of the individual community. "You can do a lot of nice things, but there is tons of nice design out there and tons of things. I often ask myself like, “Yeah, what is it what we actually really need, and what does the society also need?”

What am I actually doing?

Nadine is really sweet about opening up about what are her thoughts when designing or planning to design something.

"We need spiritual and strategic work as well. The word relevance or the term relevance is really important. The question should not be so big that it would stop you from doing things. Sometimes it's also just good to do something. I think thinking about the relevance of your work is very important."

I just love the way how easy she takes it and yet she is professional and successful!

"Maybe I don't have it in the back of my mind all the time, but sometimes it happens that I sit there and I think like, “What am I actually doing? Why am I doing this?” I don't know. It's not there all the time. It's not that I think about a design and then I'm like, “Is this relevant for anyone?” Yeah, maybe just sometimes, I think it's good to ask that."

2013 The Garments May Vary by Nadine Goepfert

Her work is based on research and #conceptual thinking and explores the wide field of eventualities by creating open situations, which form the basis for textile designs and art installations. With an eye for detail and an interest in #traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship, she constantly experiments with the diverse aspects of the materiality and structure of #textiles. Her research on garments and fashion attempts to reveal our unconscious and unapparent #habits in relation to clothing. The research is applied both theoretically and as a basis for further material explorations.

2018 Arbitary rug by Nadine Goepfert

2016 Distort & Transform #rug by Nadine Goepfert reflects her interrogation of everyday materials, fabrics, and their usual applications. “The idea was to somehow free the carpet from its usual shape,” she says. “It would be nice if the pieces could all be separate, so you could have the freedom to connect pieces in any way you want.”

To see more of Nadine's work, please visit her website.

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