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CIFF Sustain

What we have seen at CIFF Copenhagen 2022 winter edition at the Sustain department, read more about our highlights of interesting brands who are running their business in a conscious fashion, accessory, and beauty products.

Being thankful and kind

First of all, I must say how thankful I am for the life I have got, I have got the job that I love to do and also what I am good at. Secondly, I get to travel a lot, most of my travels are related to my profession, but I also travel a lot for my family. We have got quite an international family, what I am very happy about, traveling became a very big part of our everyday life. But as traveling always keeps my open wild open, especially related to art and fashion.

Visiting CIFF Copenhagen

In this crazy pandemic time we actually had a chance to enjoy freedom first hand, all the regulations according to COVID were canceled in Denmark by the 1st of February. So our first visit to #ciffcopenhagen was very exciting! As you may know, CIFF is the biggest international fashion fair in the Scandinavian market. As we were visiting for the first time, it is hard to say whether the fair was small or quiet, but I think it was smaller and quieter as usual. But as we know we were really lucky to actually not to be canceled as all the other shows around Europe in January.

Sustain in fashion and design

Be sustainable so as be cool”

CIFF made a special part for sustainable brands this season. As sustainability has many faces as we know, it was interesting to see some nice smaller and bigger brands participating under one label of SUSTAIN. Even tho #ciffsustain was not a big area, it was valuable in terms of kind people who share an interest in thoughtful design for the future.

Just a few names to mention

We were pretty much in love with some brands in the beauty section. 1331 stories from Germany is a health and beauty brand of100% #natural and #vegan products. My personal favorite is a room scent called GAIA with citric and pine smell, honestly I use it every time I do my morning and evening yoga at home. I just love it! Another exciting product from them is the poo drops for unwanted smells. I am not sure how o use it, but if you try please let me know your experience!

Another amazing brand is the Danish KINTOBE they are full of power with #sustainability, every small detail that they use is designed for relieving the ecosystem. From recycled polyester and nylon to algae foam. Their products are great for urban use with a practical style.

Black Velvet Circus is a colorful little brand created by Tanja, we have been actually neighbors at CIFF so we get to talk a lot. Tanja is as kind as her creations! She is doing #upcycling and some of the items and #artworks are hand-embroidered by Studio Naenna in Thailand.

Manuela Collage Art welcomed a lot of positive feedback on our artistic #patterndesigns and styles, we have got some new retailers as well, so keep checking our website for new shops closer to you!

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