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About Manuela

Manuela Collage Art is a brand of art and design based on collage art.
Our pattern designs are made of artwork on textile,
wallpaper, and clothing. We use collage art as the signature of the brand.

Manuela Maraczy is the designer of Manuela Collage Art, the brand formerly known as Manuela Kids Design. By the year 2020 felt the brand needs to grow and to discover other fields besides Fashion such as Homewear and Art.
The clothing section is rethought 
to be sustainable and wearable for all ages, gender in all seasons.

We would like to include other designers, architects, and artists very to our brand! Meeting other creative people is always very exciting and the outcome
of a shared design is a blessing for our customers.

Collage as a philosophy

Collage as a technique gave me the freedom of finding my own style through how my brain works. I love to work on multiple projects as one can inspire another. Not just itself collage can be shown on my works in a classical way. In between different fields, I create a brand new look in clothing and homeware too, just as on my artworks.
Handcraft is a high priority in my designs.

Life is a collage of people you get to know! Collage is a language of understanding the gap between art and design.

                        Happy to be a member among great designers at NOT JUST A LABEL!




For order or sales related inquiries please email us at


For any wholesale or trade-related inquiries please email us at


If you would like to work at Manuela please email us at with your CV.

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Manuela Maraczy

For further information about Manuela Maraczy’s artistic practice email us at

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