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Minusplus is an independent, 20 person architecture and design studio based in Budapest. They provide sustainable and innovative design solutions. The main ambition of Minusplus's team is to design buildings that encourage their activity. They explore new contexts and re-interpret the relationship between spaces and their habitants. Minusplus believes this makes the world around us a better place.

The project
walldesign and pillow cushions

I have had the opportunity and challenge to design with a great architect team a design hotel interior. The task was for me to warm up the solid and cold areas with my hand-painted artworks, specially design for the hotel. The pattern base that I have created would appear on different surfaces, such as some pillowcases, 3D wall decoration, and a backlit bar wall. The hotel will be based in Budapest.

Architect: Minusplus team
Coordinator: Bea Bernard, enior project architect



If you are interested in collaboration with Manuela Collage Art,

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vegleges foldszint.jpg
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