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Updated: Apr 6, 2022

New post about the film called C'MON C'MON (2021).

Every day is art, for some... For me it is! I am truly surrounded by art, in my thoughts, and in my studio. Therefore I have decided to open a new chapter, each Monday I will introduce an inspiring artist, artwork, or a group of artists who I find very inspiring, fresh, and new.


I have to confess that I have a good old addiction to films since I was 15 years old. Studying and growing up on art movies, remember I have been watching late-night crazy and interesting art films with my mom. We would stay awake very late, we were very dedicated to unique films. And my addiction is still continuing, so it had to come that I start writing about a movie.

Black and white - C'mon C'mon

When I saw the trailer of this movie for the first time, I knew it is going to be my kind of #movie. Still, I don't say it became one of my favorite, but I do have the same questions in my head about what I have heard in the movies. Questions like what makes me #happy or how do I imagine the future, I truly think these are important questions! and it is so good that it is questioned to kids and teens! nd also we s adults/parents we need to rethink over and over again as we change over time.

The whole movie is kind of balancing between being a #documentary and a feature film, and this gives the feeling of the film an objective tone. The black and white color adds a very poetic side to the film, yet the movie is very realistic with painful facts and emotions.

How to respect a child

I do not wish to spoil the film, but if I want to describe shortly what is C'mon C'mon about, it is about an adult and a child studying each other, learning about life through their relationship. Joaquin Phoenix is the uncle of the little boy who has to take care of his nephew for a few weeks, he doesn't know much about parenthood, although his work is interviewing children.

I think adults always think they are the boss, and they always got to be the boss of everything.And I think some adults have that mindset where "I am right and you are wrong"

When I heard these shocking words from about a 14-year-old girl in the movie, it just made me realize, oh shit I am an adult too. I am a parent and I have to show my strength, and finally, I can rule something. Why do we forget so easily how it was to be a teen when you have teen kids?

I think you love each other and the you still love each other, but find it hard to express that love to each other. And then you look at each other and, you do this. Uhh.. And you go "Oh" You know, I mean, I hope you don't have to experience, but you probably will. It's alright actually.

Yeah, so difficult and hard to explain emotions and changes in emotions to a child, we adults just seem to be a mess compared to a child. Joaquin as usual is just perfect in his role! I wonder if he is like this in real life as well as a father? The little boy Woody Norman is amazingly relaxed and natural in front of the camera, and with the combination of his role as a smart 9 year old is perplexing. Time by time you really get to think if you are watching a documentary.

Objective or subjective

Being a mother isn't easy, and yes I do talk with other mothers we all know is not a piece of cake. But to be in it every day I just feel that these are only my own heavy thoughts, these days are difficult only for me. The narrative of the movie gives this feeling of being objective about parenthood, maybe it tries to tell that C'mon it's okay to be lost as a parent. Tries to calm me down? Perhaps.

Oh yeah, and it is all happening in New York I just love NYC! Some parts of the movie are in LA, but honestly, I just love the dull weather and colors of the autumny NYC.

Jesse: Do you have trouble expressing your emotion? Johnny: Well I feel pretty fristrated right now. Jesse: That's good. Just sit down and you can let t all come out.”

This movie is just excellent and very pretty about the weird side of life, which we adults usually do not talk about. So definitely go and watch it!

Director: Mike Mills

Music by: Aaron Dessner; Bryce Dessner

Cinematography: Robbie Ryan

Distributed by: A24

Available on Apple Tv, Itunes, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu Fundungo, Microsoft Xbox, Redbox, AMC on demand.

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