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Updated: May 3, 2022

New post about Valerie Savchits.

Every day is art, for some... For me it is! I am truly surrounded by art, in my thoughts, and in my studio. Therefore I have decided to open a new chapter, each Monday I will introduce an inspiring artist, artwork, or a group of artists who I find very inspiring, fresh, and new.

Own mythological system

Valerie Savchits is a #multidisciplinary artist, born in Riga, Latvia. She works across painting, #installation, and #sculpture stringing together stories, feelings, and fragments of memory to create her own mythological system. Slavic mythology and archetypal narratives play an important role in forming her visual language but she often seeks to destabilize the cultural stereotypes that feed into her work.

The artist strings her stories, feelings, and fragments of memory from then and now just like pearls onto a thread.

“Valerie, how would you describe what you do in 3 words? - Visualising hidden 'universes' (universes = people's untold stories/experiences/choices/fears etc.)"

Valerie Savchits: Apo (2021)

Her personal mythology is predominantly based on the concept of opposites that helps artist tell thought-provoking archetypal narratives such as the battle of good and evil, visible and invisible otherness, death, and rebirth. However, the artist often destabilizes these binaries to deconstruct cultural stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

I just discovered meanwhile reading up about Valerie's work, that it is again a female artist who uses the word #mythology. So why am I so much into the same thing, finding some miracle or indescribable pleasure. Probably because we all need some magic in our everyday routine lives, we all need something beyond materialism.

So let's stop for a moment. What is mythology?

From the Greek mythos for story-of-the-people, and logos for word or speech, so the spoken story of a people - is the study and interpretation of often sacred tales or fables of a culture known as myths or the collection of such stories which deal with various aspects of the human condition: good and evil. (World History Encyclopedia)

In sculpture and painting

In her sculpture, Savchits often pairs #clay with raw crystals and metal to celebrate the juxtaposition of #rawness and refinement. The objects, animals, and characters depicted in the artist’s work are emerging from inspiration derived from #astronomy and Greek myths. Savchits has recently reintroduced Slavic mythology into her work, which she was brought up on, that plays an important role in forming her #visual language.

Valerie Savchits: Constellations (I) (2019)

The figures (including animals/symbols) in my work very often represent people I know or think about during the creation process.” their emotions and feeling depend on their own, but most of the time are anxious, confused, and outraged.

"One of my favourite topics I love talking about in my work is the idea of how people make the same mistake and it's going in circles, when they don't want to fight its own apathy and indifference."

Valerie Savchits: Trapped and pathetic (2020)

Ahhh, this is actually very interesting, because I am also interested in others' mistakes,

I reread them over and over again. Why? I am not sure, but my theory is this way I want to learn not to make mistakes, or at least I do not want them to repeat. Or kind of fascinated just like a psychologist would be? Maybe.

What I really love in her work is the deep honesty of hidden feelings, the core and clear thoughts of uncomfortable feelings right there on the canvas.

Valerie Savchits: Dissolved into nothingness (2019)

"...We are living in a world of manipulation and integrity/honesty is fading away with a speed of light. This work is just a reminder that no matter what are the consequences of saying no, you have the right to say it if you truly feel so.”

Technical rituals

As a designer and artist, I am very interested to know what are other artists technical beliefs and rituals of their processes.

Valerie makes a pencil sketch, takes a photo of it, transfers it to photoshop, and only then she starts playing with the color palette and the layers. I usually leave up to 4 different final options to choose from before I start transferring everything onto canvas.

I must say the color palette that she is using, I am kind of envious of it. I just love all the color combinations!

Valerie Savchits: I Say No (2021)

I love when artists and designers share their daily work routines! Valerie tells to She Curates that some days she spends hours researching, reading, or watching movies, and some days she paints a lot. Then there are administrative and cleaning days. She also said she loves her workspace which I can completely understand! Having a great studio on your own, is halfway to success!

I wish very long work years ahead for Valerie and hope to see new works from her soon!

To see more of Valerie's work, please visit her website.

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